with Edible Art Decorative Paint
by Sweet Sticks

Thank you so much for choosing Edible Art Decorative Paints by Sweet Sticks as one of your applications to create your masterpieces with. We love seeing what you create, the possibilities are endless! We want to give you the right head start in using our Paints, so we have created some tips to get you started.


Tip 1. Shake the bottle well, and we really mean it! Shaking the bottle ensures the solid and liquid ingredients mix together to form an even consistency to paint with. You can also open the bottle and give the mixture a stir with the end of your paint brush before shaking. Shake the bottle each time before you use the Paint, including between sessions. If your Paint is transparent it means the ingredients haven't mixed together.

Tip 2.
Take the time to play with your Paints, become familiar with them. Each colour has different pigmentation, so get a feel for each colour. Edible surfaces are all different so also play with the Paint on different painting surfaces. For all cake decorating applications this is key to success.

The Standard Paints can be applied to:

The Metallic Paints can be applied to:
Please do not use our Metallic Paints on Italian Buttercream or Swiss Meringue Buttercream as these surfaces do not allow our paints to air dry therefore still leaving them in liquid form. (Our Paints may also be applied to Chocolate, Modelling Chocolate and Candy Melts. Please test and try before painting your finished creation).

Tip 3. Try different paint brushes and find one you are comfortable painting with. Some don't streak, some do. Our Metallic Paints prefer wider, flat brushes with soft bristles. We recommend the following Mont Marte Brushes for painting whole cakes:
Sponge Brushes are a great way of applying our Standard Paints.

Tip 4. Have a glass of hot soapy water on hand with some paper towel. When you have finished with one colour, wash you brush gently and immediately dry with paper towel. You can also try putting some dishwashing liquid in your hand, wash the brush in the liquid and rinse with hot water afterwards.


Tip 1. Less is more, don't load your brush with too much Paint. It's easier to build up the colour than take away. If a second coat is required (depending on your desired colour), it's best to wait for the first coat to dry. Thick coats of Paint will take much longer to dry.

Tip 2. Our Paint is designed to be used straight from the bottle. You can add a drop of 95% High-Grade Alcohol (e.g. Rose Spirit or Everclear) to thin the Paint when needed. This can be used when you're looking to dry on chocolate surfaces quicker or achieve a water colour effect!

Tip 3. Beautiful watercolour paint effect can be created by adding 95% High-Grade Alcohol (e.g. Rose Spirit or Everclear) to your pallet along with our Paints until you have the right consistency. This is for the Standard Paints only – not Metallics.


Tip 1. Please allow up to 24 hours for our Paints to air-dry! Temperature and environmental conditions (e.g. higher humidity) can affect the drying process tremendously, so please allow time for this too. A fan can be used to speed the drying process. If paints aren't air dried correctly you may be left with a bitter taste. Please make note of what our paints can paint on before you begin.

Tip 2. When using our Paints on Buttercream, please allow time for drying before placing the cake back in the fridge.

Tip 3. Chocolate surface drying tips: Each chocolate (baking, compound, Candy Melts and Conventure) along with different brands all have a different effect with our Paints. This is due to the oil component of the chocolate. If you're using a more oily chocolate (such as Candy Melts) will take longer to dry. To avoid this we recommend adding 95% High-Grade Alcohol (e.g. Rose Spirit or Everclear) to your palette to help the paints dry quicker. For example, we apply 10 drops of our Paint with 5 drops of 95% High-Grade Alcohol, mix in palette and paint. We also recommend wiping the chocolate surface with a paper towel to remove any excess oil.


Tip 1. Please Store the Paints at room temperature, away from bright light or heat.

Tip 2. Bottles can be stored lying on their side to prevent pigment settling on the bottom of the bottle. This makes it much easier to shake later!

Tip 3. Please keep our Paints away from children. They are intended to be consumed once Paint is dry and alcohol burns off, not straight from the bottle.

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