Frequently Asked Questions!

+ Can I mix different colours to make my own colour?
+ What can it be used on?
- Can you achieve a water colour look using your paints?

Yes you most certainly can! To achieve a water colour look for your creations simply add a high grade alcohol 95% or higher to your paint palette along with a few drops of your desired colour. Alcohol must be high grade (vodka won't work) For example: Rose Spirit (Australia) Ever Clear (America)

+ Can you paint on milk/dark chocolate?
+ How quickly does it dry?
+ Can I use this to colour my actual chocolate
+ Do they have alcohol in them?
+ What is the shelf life?
+ Are they Kosher?
+ Are they gluten, dairy, nut free?
+ Do you stock your paints anywhere?
+ I want to stock your paints. How do I go about it?
+ How do I wash my brushes after use?
+ Do your paints work in an airbrush?
+ Do you paints colour batters, icings etc?
+ Do your paints have a taste?

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