Frequently Asked Questions!

+ Can I mix different colours to make my own colour?
+ What can it be used on?
+ Can you achieve a water colour look using your paints?
+ Can you paint on milk/dark chocolate?
- How quickly does it dry?

Our original colour range of Edible Art Decorative Paints have a drying time of between 15-60 minutes. Humidity can play a big role in drying time so for best results make sure your work space is low humidity or you can run the risk of it not setting at all if too humid.

If you need a quick dry time for your original paints simply add a few drops of high grade alcohol to your paint palette along with your paint.

Our metallic range has a drying time of up to 60 minutes depending on surface and work space.

+ Can I use this to colour my actual chocolate
+ Do they have alcohol in them?
+ What is the shelf life?
+ Are they Kosher?
+ Are they gluten, dairy, nut free?
+ Do you stock your paints anywhere?
+ I want to stock your paints. How do I go about it?
+ How do I wash my brushes after use?
+ Do your paints work in an airbrush?
+ Do you paints colour batters, icings etc?
+ Do your paints have a taste?

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